DS 7.4.2


start-ds — start OpenDJ server


start-ds {options}


This utility can be used to start the Directory Server, as well as to obtain the server version and other forms of general server information.


The start-ds command takes the following options:

Command options:

-L | --useLastKnownGoodConfig

Attempt to start using the configuration that was in place at the last successful startup (if it is available) rather than using the current active configuration. Default: false

-N | --noDetach

Do not detach from the terminal and continue running in the foreground. This option cannot be used with the -t, --timeout option. Default: false

-s | --systemInfo

Display general system information. Default: false

-t | --timeout {seconds}

Maximum time (in seconds) to wait before the command returns (the server continues the startup process, regardless). A value of '0' indicates an infinite timeout, which means that the command returns only when the server startup is completed. The default value is 60 seconds. This option cannot be used with the -N, --nodetach option. Default: 200

Utility input/output options:

-Q | --quiet

Use quiet mode. Default: false

General options:

-V | --version

Display Directory Server version information. Default: false

-H | --help

Display this usage information. Default: false

Exit codes


The command completed successfully.

> 0

An error occurred.

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