Configure the Social Providers Authentication Module

The SOCIAL_PROVIDERS authentication module incorporates the requirements from social identity providers who rely on either the OAuth2 or OpenID Connect standards. The Social Providers authentication module is enabled by default. To configure or disable this module in the Admin UI, select Configure > Authentication, choose the Modules tab, then select Social Providers from the list of modules.

Authentication settings can be configured from the Admin UI, or by making changes directly in the authentication.json file for your project. IDM includes the following code block in the default authentication.json file:

   "name" : "SOCIAL_PROVIDERS",
   "properties" : {
       "defaultUserRoles" : [
       "augmentSecurityContext" : {
           "type" : "text/javascript",
           "globals" : { },
           "file" : "auth/populateAsManagedUserFromRelationship.js"
       "propertyMapping" : {
           "userRoles" : "authzRoles"
   "enabled" : true

The authentication properties are described in detail in Authentication and Session Module Configuration.

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