About User Self-Service

IDM provides a sample End User UI that implements a number of self-service processes, such as self-registration and password reset, based on a Self-Service REST API.

Self-service processes are configured in files named selfservice-process-name.json in your project's conf directory. Every self-service process steps through a series of stages, each with its own requirements, until the end of the process is reached or until the process exits with an exception. The flow through the stages differs, depending on how you have configured the process.

You can customize the default processes, or write your own custom processes by implementing the stages described in Self-Service Stage Reference. For information about how self-service is implemented in the default End User UI, see "Self-Service End User UI". For information on how to customize the End User UI, see the following Git repository: Identity Management (End User) - UI.

The Self-Service REST API supports only two HTTP requests:

  • GET which obtains the requirements for that stage

  • POST with _action=submitRequirements

The response to the POST request instructs the client how to proceed. The response can have one of two outcomes:

  • Success—all requirements have been submitted and the process advances to the next stage.

  • Failure—the behavior here differs by stage. Certain stages will exit with an exception, others will convert the exception into an error that the client must handle, others will simply return the requirements again.

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