Configuring Emails for Forgotten Username

To configure emails for forgotten username functionality, you can add the following code block to the selfservice-username.json file:

    "name" : "emailUsername",
    "emailServiceUrl" : "external/email",
    "emailServiceParameters" : {
        "waitForCompletion" : false
    "from" : "",
    "mimeType" : "text/html",
    "subjectTranslations" : {
        "en" : "Account Information - username"
    "messageTranslations" : {
        "en" : "<h3>Username is:</h3><br />%username%"
    "usernameToken" : "%username%"

As suggested by the code block, it includes default email messages in English (en), with a usernameToken that includes the actual username in the message.

As noted in Username Retrieval, you can make these changes over the following endpoint URI: /openidm/config/selfservice/username

If desired, you can also configure forgotten username retrieval emails through the Admin UI. Select Configure > Forgotten Username. If needed, activate the Enable Forgotten Username Retrieval option, and in the Email Username box, select the icon. The Configure Email Username pop-up should appear.

When you use the Admin UI to customize forgotten username retrieval emails, you can review the changes in the selfservice-username.json file.

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