Configure Notification Emails

When you configure the outbound email service, IDM can use that service to notify users of significant events, primarily related to user self-service. For specifics, see the following table for related notification emails:

Configuring Notification Emails
SituationConfiguration FileDetails
When a user is successfully registeredemailTemplate-welcome.jsonSee "User Self-Registration Email Template"
When a user asks for their forgotten usernameselfservice-username.jsonSee "Configuring Emails for Forgotten Username"
When a user registers using self-service and needs to verify their email addressselfservice-registration.jsonSee "Configuring Emails for Self-Service Registration"
When a user asks for a password resetselfservice-reset.jsonSee "Configuring Emails for Password Reset"

Each email template can specify an email address to use in the From field. If this field is left blank, IDM will default to the address specified in Email Settings.


Email templates utilize Handlebar expressions to reference object data dynamically. For example, to reference the userName of an object:



Some email providers, such as Google, will override the From address you specify in the templates, and instead use the address used to authenticate with the SMTP server. The email address specified in the template may still be present, but in an email header hidden from most users, such as X-Google-Original-From.

User Self-Registration Email Template

When a new user registers through the IDM self-registration interface (and if you have configured outbound email), that user will get a welcome email as configured in the emailTemplate-welcome.json file:

    "enabled" : true,
    "from" : "",
    "subject" : {
        "en" : "Your account has been created"
    "message" : {
        "en" : "<html><body><p>Welcome to OpenIDM. Your username is '{{object.userName}}'.</p></body></html>"
    "defaultLocale" : "en"

You may want to make the following changes:

  • Add an email address to the from property, perhaps an email address for your organization's systems administrator.

  • Set up appropriate locale(s).

  • Modify the subject line as needed.

  • Include a welcome message appropriate to your organization.

Managing Email Templates from the Admin UI

The Admin UI includes tools that can help you customize email messages related to two administrative tasks: creating users and resetting passwords.

To configure these messages from the Admin UI, select Configure > Email Settings > Templates, where you'll see the following option:

  • Welcome: To configure emails that notify a user of a newly created account, as defined in emailTemplate-welcome.json.


    IDM sends the same welcome email to users created with a REST call. For an example of user creation over REST, see "Managed Users".

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