Terms and Conditions Stage

This stage evaluates a boolean accepted (true or false).

Example configuration

This stage is configured in a selfservice.terms.json file in the project conf directory and includes the following parameters:

    "versions" : [
            "version" : "1",
            "termsTranslations" : {
                "en" : "Sample terms and conditions"
            "createDate" : "2018-04-10T09:52:25.478Z"
    "uiConfig" : {
        "displayName" : "We have updated our terms",
        "purpose" : "To proceed, accept these terms",
        "buttonText" : "Accept"
    "active" : "1"

The stage can stand on its own (as it does in the default registration configuration) or be called from the Conditional User Stage with a configuration similar to the following:

    "name" : "conditionaluser",
    "identityServiceUrl" : "managed/user",
    "condition" : {
        "type" : "terms"
    "evaluateConditionOnField" : "user",
    "onConditionTrue" : {
        "name" : "termsAndConditions"

Configured as part of the Conditional User Stage. Must have the Patch Object Stage somewhere downstream. This stage can occur anywhere in a process.


Requires Terms and Conditions to be accepted before continuing to the next stage:

  • If accept is absent, the stage returns the requirements again.

  • If accept is present but false, the stage generates an exception. It is up to the client to handle that exception.

  • If accept is true, this stage puts all the outputs into state and advances to the next stage.



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