Unique repository ID, also known as type ID, for a CORBA interface. Multiple values reflect multiple interfaces, but the list is not necessarily complete.

Although the value string can be of any syntax, the following ID styles are specified:

IDL style: IDL:Prefix/ModuleName/InterfaceName:VersionNumber

Format used for standard interface definition language (IDL) IDs.

RMI style: RMI:ClassName:HashCode[:SUID]

Format used by RMI-IIOP remote objects.

  • ClassName is the fully qualified name of the class.

  • HashCode is the result of the object's hashCode() method.

  • SUID is the 64-bit stream unique identifier for the serialization version of the class.


Format used for DCE/CORBA interoperability, where the UUID represents a DCE UUID.


The format is defined by the local Object Request Broker (ORB).

Origin RFC 2714
Usage userApplications
Description Repository ids of interfaces implemented by a CORBA object
Substring Matching Rule caseIgnoreSubstringsMatch
Equality Matching Rule caseExactMatch
Single Value false: multiple values allowed
Names corbaRepositoryId
Ordering Matching Rule caseIgnoreOrderingMatch
User Modification Allowed true
Used By corbaObject, corbaObjectReference
Schema File 03-rfc2714.ldif
Syntax Directory String
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