Names fr-idm-managed-user
Origin OpenIDM DSRepoService
Superior Classes top
Description Maps a generic managed user where all data is stored in the json LDAP attribute as a json blob, reference attributes are explicitly mapped
Optional Attributes fr-idm-managed-user-authzroles-internal-role, fr-idm-managed-user-authzroles-managed-role, fr-idm-managed-user-manager, fr-idm-managed-user-meta, fr-idm-managed-user-notifications, fr-idm-managed-user-roles
Schema File 60-repo-schema.ldif
Interface Stability Internal use only. Do not remove or modify. Subject to change without notice.
Class Type STRUCTURAL: for structural specification of the DIT. Entries have only one structural object class superclass chain.
Required Attributes fr-idm-managed-user-json, objectClass
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