Parent class for Service Location Protocol (SLP) objects. Specific service types inherit from this class and define their own attributes. They are structural object classes.

SLP service type templates have the following properties:


Defines the service type of the template. The service type can reflect:

  • A simple service, for example service:ftp

  • An abstract service type, for example service:printer

  • An concrete service type, for example service:printer:lpr

  • A service with a naming authority, for example service:printer.sun:local

This definition is used as the name of the LDAP object class for the template. To translate the service type name, : and . are replaced with -. For example, service:printer.sun:local becomes the object class name service-printer-sun-local.


String containing a major and minor version number, separated by .


Block of human-readable text describing what the service does.


ABNF grammar describing the service type specific part of the service URL.

Names slpService
Origin RFC 2926
Superior Classes top
Description parent superclass for SLP services
Optional Attributes service-advert-attribute-authenticator, service-advert-url-authenticator
Schema File 03-rfc2926.ldif
Class Type ABSTRACT: for use when defining other object classes.
Required Attributes description, objectClass, service-advert-scopes, service-advert-service-type, template-major-version-number, template-minor-version-number, template-url-syntax
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