Entries of this object class represent changes made to a directory server. The set of changes made to a directory server is given by the set of all entries in the changelog, ordered by changeNumber.

Note The changeNumber is unique to a server, and not necessarily shared or synchronized across servers. The change numbers for ForgeRock servers can be synchronized using the dsrepl reset-change-number command. ForgeRock servers also provide an alternative changeLogCookie attribute, which can be used reliably across a replicated topology.

A client application may synchronize its local copy of directory data by reading the server's changelog for entries where the changeNumber is greater than or equal to the last change that the client read from the server. A server can, however, trim its changelog. If the last change read from the changelog is not returned in search results, the client application must fall back to rebuilding its entire copy of directory data.

Names changeLogEntry
Origin draft-good-ldap-changelog
Superior Classes top
Optional Attributes changes, deleteOldRDN, newRDN, newSuperior
Schema File 03-changelog.ldif
OID 2.16.840.1.113730.3.2.1
Class Type STRUCTURAL: for structural specification of the DIT. Entries have only one structural object class superclass chain.
Required Attributes changeNumber, changeTime, changeType, objectClass, targetDN
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