The value of this attribute uniquely identifies a UDDI template model.

When used with a keyed reference, it serves as the key identifying a value set, and implies that the key name-key value pair in a UDDI identify or category bag should be interpreted by the value set referenced by the template model key. When used with an address line element, it implies the key name and key pair in subsequent address line elements should be interpreted by the address structure associated with the referenced template model.

Origin RFC 4403
Usage userApplications
Description tModel unique identifier
Substring Matching Rule caseIgnoreSubstringsMatch
Equality Matching Rule caseIgnoreMatch
Single Value true
Names uddiTModelKey
Ordering Matching Rule caseIgnoreOrderingMatch
User Modification Allowed true
Used By uddiAddress, uddiTModel, uddiTModelInstanceInfo
Schema File 03-uddiv3.ldif
Syntax Directory String
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