This object class stores AM configuration data.

Names sunservicecomponent
Origin Sun Java System Identity Management
Superior Classes organizationalUnit
Description Sub-components of the service
Optional Attributes businessCategory, description, destinationIndicator, facsimileTelephoneNumber, internationaliSDNNumber, l, labeledURI, physicalDeliveryOfficeName, postOfficeBox, postalAddress, postalCode, preferredDeliveryMethod, registeredAddress, searchGuide, seeAlso, st, street, sunKeyValue, sunserviceID, sunsmspriority, sunxmlKeyValue, telephoneNumber, teletexTerminalIdentifier, telexNumber, userPassword, x121Address
Schema File 60-config-schema.ldif
Class Type STRUCTURAL: for structural specification of the DIT. Entries have only one structural object class superclass chain.
Required Attributes objectClass, ou
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