CDK Deployment

After you’ve set up your environment, deploy the CDK:

  1. Run the cdk install command:

    $ cd /path/to/forgeops/bin
    $ ./cdk install --namespace my-namespace --fqdn

    By default, the cdk install command uses the latest evaluation-only Docker images for release 7.1 of the platform, available from ForgeRock’s public registry.

    However, if you have built custom images for the ForgeRock Identity Platform, the cdk install command uses your custom images.

    The cdk install command in this example deploys the entire ForgeRock Identity Platform. If you prefer, you can deploy the platform component by component. See Staged CDK Installation.

  2. In a separate terminal tab or window, run the kubectl get pods command to monitor status of the deployment. Wait until all the pods are ready.

    Your namespace should have the pods shown in this diagram.

Next Step

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