DS Diagnostic Tools

The debug tools container, named ds-util, provides a suite of diagnostic tools that you can execute inside of a running Kubernetes cluster.

The container has two types of tools:

  • DS tools. A DS instance is installed in the /opt/opendj directory of the ds-util container. DS tools, such as the ldapsearch and ldapmodify commands, are available in the /opt/opendj/bin directory.

  • Miscellaneous diagnostic tools. A set of diagnostic tools, including dig, netcat, nslookup, curl, and vi, have been installed in the container. The file, /path/to/forgeops/docker/7.0/ds/dsutil/Dockerfile, has the list of operating system packages that have been installed in the debug tools container.

To start the debug tools container:

$ kubectl run -it ds-util -- bash

After you start the tools container, a command prompt appears:


You can access all the tools available in the container from this prompt. For example:

root@ds-util:/opt/opendj# nslookup am

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