About the Cloud Developer’s Kit

The CDK is a minimal sample deployment of the ForgeRock Identity Platform on Kubernetes that you can use for demonstration and development purposes. It includes fully integrated AM, IDM, and DS installations, and randomly generated secrets.

CDK deployments orchestrate a working version of the ForgeRock Identity Platform on Kubernetes. They also let you build and run customized Docker images for the platform.

This documentation describes how to deploy the CDK, and then use it to create and test customized Docker images containing your custom AM and IDM configurations:

Illustrates the major configuration tasks performed before deploying in production.

Before deploying the platform in production, you must customize it using the CDK. To better understand how this activity fits into the overall deployment process, see Configure the Platform.


The CDK uses Docker for containerization. Start with evaluation-only Docker images from ForgeRock that include canonical configurations for AM and IDM. Then, customize the configurations, and create your own images that include your customized configurations.

For more information about Docker images for the ForgeRock Identity Platform, see About Custom Images.


The CDK uses Kubernetes for container orchestration. The CDK has been tested on the following Kubernetes implementations:

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