This documentation describes the legacy CDK implementation, which will be deprecated in an upcoming release. We strongly recommend that you transition to the current CDK implementation as soon as possible.

Create a namespace in the shared cluster. Namespaces let you isolate your deployments from other developers' deployments.

ForgeRock recommends that you deploy the ForgeRock Identity Platform in a namespace other than the default namespace. Deploying to a non-default namespace lets you separate workloads in a cluster. Separating a workload into a namespace lets you delete the workload easily; just delete the namespace.

To create a namespace:

  1. Create a namespace in your Kubernetes cluster:

    $ kubectl create namespace my-namespace
    namespace/my-namespace created
  2. Make the new namespace your current namespace:

    $ kubens my-namespace
    Context "my-context" modified.
    Active namespace is "my-namespace".

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