IGA 7.1.1


This section covers major and minor changes to existing functionality, as well as deprecated and removed functionality. You must read this section before you start a migration from a previous release.

Important changes to existing functionality

IGA 7.1.1

  • If you are using IDM 7.2 or above with Identity Governance, in order for all the functionality within the IGA User Summary UI to work correctly, IDM must have linkedView endpoint enabled. In prior versions of IDM, this existed by default.

    • To enable this endpoint copy the contents shown below into a newly created file at openidm/conf/endpoint-linkedView.json:

      "context" : "endpoint/linkedView/*",
      "type" : "text/javascript",
      "source" : "require('linkedView').fetch(request.resourcePath);"

IGA 7.1

  • Access Request 1.0 used a single custom BPMN workflow definition to drive the request lifecycle that is no longer used with this release. Request and approval objects are now stored within the IDM repository and are no longer driven by workflow process instances. For existing implementations of Access Request 1.0 that are upgrading to this version, conversion scripts must be run after installation to maintain existing request history.

  • Access Request 1.0 supported Start and End Dates as advanced field options for all requests. Since requests for access now support multiple different types of access, and no longer only roles, these temporal constraints are no longer included by default in request forms. However, any requestable role can still be requested with temporal constraints by using custom request fields and a provisioning script as detailed within the Admin Guide.

Deprecated functionality

No functionality is deprecated at this time.

Removed functionality

  • Validation on the userProvisionProperty key for requestable glossary objects has been removed. Glossary administrators can use any existing relationship property on a managed user for this key value in order to request custom objects in their schema.

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