IGA 7.1.1

Fixes, limitations, and known issues

This section covers key issues in Identity Governance software, both past, and present.

New fixes in 7.1.1

  • IGA-276 - Group (role) drop-down list not functioning if AM OAuth is used

  • IGA-501 - False error message 'Access Denied' is shown on logon with Access Review

  • IGA-518 - Reviewer unable to sign-off on the access review task

  • IGA-882 - Clicking the Submit button twice in 'Approve Access-Request' causes failure

  • IGA-887 - Removal approvers list incorrectly referenced when defined without approvers

  • IGA-888 - AR Admin check will reference both role types if configured that way

  • IGA-891 - User with only AR Admin role blocked from certain access

  • IGA-1221 - Notifications not sending on certain second stage certification tasks

  • IGA-1223 - Scheduled object cert failing validation

  • IGA-1306 - Internal role filters returning only 1 entry

  • IGA-1349 - Event Details modal stage stepper not loading in other stage’s information

  • IGA-1355 - Nested attribute specific filters only matching first condition

  • IGA-1430 - Access denied error when logging out from certain screens

  • IGA-1455 - Campaigns auto sign-off when using DS as IDM repository

  • IGA-1628 - Cert generation calls outdated config endpoint

  • IGA-1837 - Policy scan query for active eq true

New fixes in 7.1

  • FOR-1967 - Multi Stage certification with completely empty first stage not advancing

  • FOR-1969 - Events view off when one of the other stage’s events is empty

  • FOR-1975 - Expiration certification failing to fully close certification

  • FOR-1977 - Add displayName to defaults for glossary

  • FOR-1980 - Reassigning events in bulk sends a notification for every single event

  • HAR-217 - Create request API allowing duplicates

  • HAR-252 - Manager approver not failing gracefully when can’t calculate

  • HAR-323 - Ensure all reserved keywords in the glossary are properly type casted

  • HAR-331 - Header alignment

  • HAR-332 - No-events-generated translation

  • HAR-336 - Reserved glossary keys not respecting default values

  • IGA-262 - Request for self not self-selecting

  • IGA-258 - New glossary item creation is slow

  • IGA-155 - Access Review not allowing us to delete scheduled script

  • IGA-85 - OOTB example remediate does not remove assignments


Identity Governance does not officially support internationalization or multi-language support of any kind.

Known issues

The following important issues remained open at the time of this release:

  • There is a vulnerability in the most recent available release of the JavaScript library lodash (version 4.17.15, the most recent version upon this release) that is used by Identity Governance and was detected during routine security scans of the Identity Governance source. We are aware of this issue, have looked into it, and have determined that the vulnerable functionality is not used or exposed within the application.

  • In certain cases, the included example remediation workflow throws an exception in the IDM logs on installation due to an issue with image loading.

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