CDM Removal: AKS

To remove the CDM from AKS when you’re done working with it:

  1. Run the skaffold delete command to shut down your deployment and remove it from your namespace. For example:

    $ cd /path/to/forgeops
    $ skaffold delete --profile small
    Cleaning up…​
  2. Remove your cluster:

    1. Change to the directory that contains the cluster removal script:

      $ cd /path/to/forgeops/cluster/aks
    2. Source the script that contains the configuration for your cluster size. For example:

      $ source ./
    3. Run the cluster removal script:

      $ ./
      The "small" cluster will be deleted. This action cannot be undone.
      Press any key to continue, or CTRL+C to quit
      1. Press Enter to proceed with cluster and data removal.

        Getting the cluster credentials for small in Zone my-region-a
        Fetching cluster endpoint and auth data.
        kubeconfig entry generated for small.
        Do you want to delete all PVCs allocated by this
        cluster (recommended for dev clusters)? [Y/N]
      2. Enter Y to confirm that you want to remove all the data created by this cluster, or enter N if you don’t want to delete the data.

        Draining all nodes
        node/aks-primsmall-18811554-vmss000000 cordoned
        node/aks-primsmall-18811554-vmss000001 cordoned
        node/aks-primsmall-18811554-vmss000002 cordoned
        . . .
        Deleting AKS cluster small…​
        Deleting resource group small-res-group…​
  3. Run the kubectx command.

    The Kubernetes context for the CDM cluster should not appear in the kubectx command output.

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