Certificate Manager

Use cert-manager when you deploy the CDM.

Remember, the CDM is a reference implementation and not for production use. When you create a project plan, you’ll need to determine how to manage certificates in production.

After you’ve finished deploying the CDM, you can use the CDM as a sandbox to explore deployment with a different certificate manager.

To deploy the Certificate Manager:

$ /path/to/forgeops/bin/ created created created created created created
namespace/cert-manager created
serviceaccount/cert-manager-cainjector created
serviceaccount/cert-manager created
serviceaccount/cert-manager-webhook created created
. . .
service/cert-manager created
service/cert-manager-webhook created
deployment.apps/cert-manager-cainjector created
deployment.apps/cert-manager created
deployment.apps/cert-manager-webhook created created created
deployment.apps/cert-manager-webhook condition met created
secret/certmanager-ca-secret created

After you’ve deployed the Certificate Manager, check the status of the pods in the cert-manager namespace until all the pods are ready:

$ kubectl get pods --namespace cert-manager
NAME                                              READY STATUS    RESTARTS AGE
cert-manager-6d5fd89bdf-khj5w                     1/1   Running   0        3m57s
cert-manager-cainjector-7d47d59998-h5b48          1/1   Running   0        3m57s
cert-manager-webhook-6559cc8549-8vdtp             1/1   Running   0        3m56s

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