AM 7.2.2

Policy sets in the UI

  1. In the AM admin UI, go to Realms > Realm Name > Authorization > Policy Sets.

    • To create a new policy set, select New Policy Set.

    • To modify an existing policy set, select it from the table.

  2. If creating a new policy, enter an ID for the policy set. This is a required parameter.

    Once a policy set is created, you cannot change its ID.

  3. If creating a new policy, enter a name for the policy set. The name is optional and is for display purposes only.

    Do not use special characters in resource type, policy, or policy set names (for example, "my+resource+type"). If you include special characters, AM returns a 400 Bad Request error. This includes the following special characters: double quotes ("), plus sign (+), comma (,), less than (<), equals (=), greater than (>), backslash (\), forward slash (/), semicolon (;), and null (\u0000).

  4. From the Resource Types drop-down list, select one or more resource types that policies in this policy set will use.

    To remove a resource type from the policy set, select the label, and delete.

  5. Select Create to save the new policy set, or Save Changes to save modifications to an existing policy set.

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