AM 7.2.2

Supported upgrade paths

This table contains information about the supported upgrade paths to AM 7.2:

Upgrade paths
Version Upgrade Supported?

AM 6.5.x

AM 7.x

For details, refer to the ForgeRock Product Support Lifecycle Policy in the ForgeRock Knowledge Base.

If you are upgrading from an unsupported version of AM to a later version, you must first upgrade to a supported version. In some cases, you may need to upgrade again depending on the upgrade path.

The embedded DS server is no longer supported in production. If you have an existing site configured with an embedded DS server, you must migrate it to an external DS store before upgrading to AM 7.2.

The embedded DS server was deprecated in AM 7, and will be removed in a future release.

How do I know if my deployment uses the embedded DS?
  • (AM 6 or earlier) Go to Deployment > Servers > Server Name > Advanced, and check the value of the advanced property.

    If the value is, the server is an evaluation instance of AM, and is using an embedded DS instance as the configuration store.

  • In the server where AM is installed, check if the opends directory exists under the /path/to/openam directory.

    You may have migrated it to an external directory and not deleted the directory, though. Check the files in the opends/logs directory to determine if the embedded DS is running.

  • Go to Deployment > Servers > Server Name > Directory Configuration > Server, and check the value of the host name column.

    When using an external configuration store, the AM instances point to the FQDN of the load balancer in front of the DS cluster, or to the FQDN of the DS affinity deployment.

    When using an embedded configuration store, each AM instance points to its own hostname, since the embedded DS is stored alongside the AM instance.

Use either of the following methods to migrate an embedded data store to an external store before attempting to upgrade to AM 7.2:

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