AM 7.2.2

OAuth 2.0 endpoints

When acting as an OAuth 2.0 authorization server, AM exposes the following endpoints:

OAuth 2.0 Endpoints
Endpoint Description

Register a pushed authorization request and get a request URI (RFC 9126 PAR endpoint)

Obtain consent and an authorization grant (RFC 6749 authorization endpoint)

Initiate backchannel authorization (Backchannel flow endpoint)

Obtain an access token (RFC 6749 token endpoint)

Obtain a device code (Device flow endpoint)

Obtain consent and authorization grant (Device flow endpoint)

Revoke both access and refresh tokens (RFC 7009 endpoint)

Retrieve metadata about a token, such as approved scopes and the context in which the token was issued (RFC 7662 endpoint)

Retrieve metadata about a macaroon, and add caveats.

As an OAuth 2.0/OpenID Connect/UMA provider, AM also exposes the following:

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