IDM 7.3.1

Reconcile after an update

Now that you have used IDM to reconcile two data stores, try something else. Assume the Engineering organization wants to overwrite all user telephone numbers in its employee data store with one central telephone number.

For this purpose, you can set up a default telephone number for the next reconciliation:

  1. Click Configure > Mappings > HumanResources_Engineering > Edit.

  2. On the HumanResources_Engineering mapping page, click the Properties tab, and expand the Attributes grid.

  3. In the TARGET column, select the row that contains the telephoneNumber attribute.

  4. Click the Default Values tab, and type a default number:

    Figure 1. Set a new default telephone number

When you click Update, and Save, IDM changes the mapping in the sync.json file. The next time you run a reconciliation from Human Resources to Engineering, the default telephone number will be included for all employees in the Engineering group.

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