IDM 7.3.1

What’s new

Maintenance releases

ForgeRock maintenance releases contain a collection of fixes and minor RFEs grouped together and released as part of our commitment to support our customers. For general information about ForgeRock’s maintenance and patch releases, see Maintenance and Patch Availability Policy.

IDM 7.3.1 is the latest release targeted for IDM 7.3 deployments and can be downloaded from the ForgeRock Download Center.

You can deploy the release as an initial deployment or as an update from an existing 7.3.x deployment. For information on updating from 7.3.x, refer to Update to a maintenance release.

IDM 7.3.1 features

Workflow engine upgrade

The Flowable embedded workflow engine has been upgraded to version 6.8.0. If you are upgrading from a previous version of IDM and use workflow, this upgrade requires one or more incremental upgrade scripts. For more information, refer to Upgrade an existing repository.

End User UI supports array properties

Array properties now display in the End User UI.

IDM 7.3.0 features

Support for Bouncy Castle FIPS

IDM now supports the use of Bouncy Castle FIPS as a security provider. Bouncy Castle FIPS is useful when dealing with government data, where meeting the FIPS 140-2 security requirement is necessary for regulatory compliance.

For information on how to configure Bouncy Castle, refer to FIPS 140-2 compliance.

Support for UTF-8 email addresses

IDM now supports UTF-8 (non-ascii/international) characters in email addresses, such as zoë When sending emails to these type of addresses, the configured SMTP server must also support UTF-8.

Disable delegated administrator sort and filter while searching

You can now disable delegated administrator sort and filter while searching resource collections in the End User UI. For more information, refer to Disable sort and filter for resource collections.

Workflows now support JavaScript

IDM workflows now support JavaScript in addition to Groovy. For more information about scripting workflows, refer to BPMN 2.0 and workflow tools.

Patch operation improvements

It is now possible to patch the root of an object. The only supported patch operations on the root of an object are remove and replace.

Improvements to the /system endpoint

/system endpoints now support specifying additional fields when also using *. This allows callers to get fields that are not returned by default.

New sync mapping configuration fields

New sync mapping configuration fields, defaultSourceFields and defaultTargetFields, allow specifying which fields to use for read and query requests made on source and target resource collections.

Security advisories

ForgeRock issues security advisories in collaboration with our customers and the open source community to address any security vulnerabilities transparently and rapidly. ForgeRock’s security advisory policy governs the process on how security issues are submitted, received, and evaluated as well as the timeline for the issuance of security advisories and patches.

For details of all the security advisories across ForgeRock products, refer to Security Advisories in the Knowledge Base library.

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