IDM 7.3.1

Remove or protect development and debug tools

Before you deploy IDM in production, remove or protect development and debug tools, including the Felix web console that is exposed under /system/console. Authentication for this console is not integrated with authentication for IDM.

Remove the Felix web console

  1. Remove the web console bundle and all related plugin bundles:

    rm /path/to/openidm/bundle/org.apache.felix.webconsole*.jar
    rm /path/to/openidm/bundle/openidm-felix-webconsole-7.3.1.jar
  2. Remove the felix.webconsole.json configuration file from your project’s conf/ directory:

    rm /path/to/project-dir/conf/felix.webconsole.json

Protect the Felix web console

To protect access to the Felix web console, change the credentials in your project’s conf/felix.webconsole.json file. These properties can be set using property substitution. This file contains the username and password to access the console, by default:

  "username" : "&{openidm.felix.webconsole.username|admin}",
  "password" : "&{openidm.felix.webconsole.password|admin}"
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