AM 7.3.1

Provision Dynamic Account node

Provision an account following successful authentication by a SAML2 authentication node or the Social Provider Handler node.

Accounts are provisioned using properties defined in the attribute mapper configuration of a social authentication or SAML2 authentication node earlier in the flow.

If a password has been acquired from the user, for example, by using the Password Collector node, it is used when provisioning the account; otherwise, a 20 character random string is used.

In addition to retrieving the password from the node state, the Provision Dynamic Account node gets the realm value, and attributes and userNames from userInfo in the shared state. It sets the username attribute in the node’s shared state.


Single outcome path.


Property Usage

Account Provider

Specifies the name of the class that implements the account provider.

Default: org.forgerock.openam.authentication.modules.common.mapping.DefaultAccountProvider


The following example uses this node to let users who have performed social authentication using Google provide a password and provision an account if they do not have a matching existing profile. They must enter a one-time password to verify they are the owner of the Google account.

Dynamic account provisioning in context
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