AM 7.3.1

Timer Stop node

Records the time elapsed since evaluation passed through the Timer Start node in the specified metric name.

For information on the Timer metric type, refer to Monitoring metric types.

Note that this node does not reset the time stored in the specified Start Time Property property. Other Timer Stop nodes can also calculate the time elapsed since evaluation passed through the same Timer Start node.

The metric is exposed in all available interfaces, as described in Monitor AM instances.


Single outcome path.


Property Usage

Start Time Property

Specify the property name containing the time from which to calculate the elapsed time.

Metric Key (required)

Enter the name for a new metric that stores the calculated elapsed time.

The name that you select is used to identify the metric that exposes the data collected by this node. For example, if you enter calculated.time, AM exposes a new metric with this name to the Common REST, JMX, or Graphite interfaces. If you use Prometheus, the name is prefixed with am_ and appended with _seconds to become am_calculated_time_seconds.]

Metrics collate data from multiple invocations of a journey. To record the time it takes for a particular journey to complete, use a Scripted Decision node to store the start time in shared state. Use a script at the end of the journey to capture the end time and output the calculated journey time to the authentication audit logs.

For more information, refer to Audit information.

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