AM 7.3.1

Platform Password node

Prompts the user to enter their password and stores the input in a configurable state attribute.

This functionality requires that you configure AM as part of a ForgeRock Identity Platform deployment.

This node uses the _id of the object for policy evaluation.

For existing users, the user’s _id must be in the shared state to evaluate user-specific policies, such as password history, cannot-contain-others, and so on. No _id is available for new users.


Single outcome path.


Property Usage

Validate Password

When enabled, this node checks the user’s input against IDM’s password policies, and returns any policy failures as errors.

For example, if you submitted an invalid password on registration, the response from this node would include a list of failed policies:

    "name": "failedPolicies",
    "value": [
        "{ \"params\": { \"minLength\": 8 }, \"policyRequirement\": \"MIN_LENGTH\" }",
        "{ \"params\": { \"numCaps\": 1 }, \"policyRequirement\": \"AT_LEAST_X_CAPITAL_LETTERS\" }",
        "{ \"params\": { \"numNums\": 1 }, \"policyRequirement\": \"AT_LEAST_X_NUMBERS\" }"

Password Attribute

The attribute used to store a password in the IDM object.

Confirm Password

Enable this option to require the user to enter the password identically in a second field.

This property only appears when the node is placed within a Page node.
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