AM 7.3.0

KBA Definition node

Collects KBA questions and answers and saves them to the user profile.

This functionality requires that you configure AM as part of a ForgeRock Identity Platform deployment.

Use this node when creating or updating a user with Knowledge-Based Authentication enabled. For more information, refer to Security questions.


Property Usage

Purpose Message

A localized message describing the purpose of the data requested from the user.

Allow User-Defined Questions

When enabled, users can create their own KBA questions. Disable this setting to restrict users to select from predefined questions only.

Default: Enabled


Create or modify custom localized questions that the user can choose from when defining security questions.

To add a localized security question:

  1. Click + to open the Add a Security Question form.

  2. Select from the list of existing locales or add a new locale, type a question into the text field, and click Done.

  3. Repeat to add further questions, and click Save when complete.

To edit an existing security question, click the edit icon ,make your changes, and click Save.

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