AM 7.3.1

Page node

Combines multiple nodes that request input into a single page for display to the user.

Drag and drop nodes on to the page node to combine them. Only add nodes that use callbacks to request input. Do not add other nodes, such as the Data Store Decision node and the Push Sender node to this node.


The outcomes are determined by the last node in the Page node. Only the last node in the page can have more than one outcome path.


Property Usage

Page Header

Optional localized title for the page node and the nodes contained within it. Use this when components of an authentication flow need a title, such as breaking a registration into labeled sections.

Page Description

Optional localized description for the page node and the nodes contained within it. Use this when additional descriptive text is needed in an authentication flow.


An optional stage name to pass to the client to aid in rendering.

This node’s optional properties are passed in the response, but a self-hosted or custom UI must support these properties to make them visible to the end user.


The following example uses a page node containing a username collector, a password collector, and a choice collector:

Example tree showing Page node use

The flow prompts the user for all input on a single page:

User’s view of an example tree containing a Page node
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