AM 7.3.1

Create Password node

Lets users create a password when provisioning an account.

This node and its related services, are deprecated.

For information about the legacy/deprecated social authentication node and module implementations, refer to Social authentication in the ForgeRock Access Management 7 Authentication and Single Sign-On Guide.

Social identity providers do not provide a user’s password. Use this node to provide a password to complete the user’s credentials before provisioning an account.

The flow must provision an account after prompting the user for a password, for example, by using the Provision Dynamic Account node. If no account is provisioned, the flow does not save the password.

Do not place any nodes that request additional input from the user between this node and the provisioning node; otherwise, the password is lost.


Single outcome path.


Property Usage


Specifies the minimum number of characters the password must contain.


The following example lets users who have performed social authentication using Google provide a password and provision an account when they don’t have one. They must enter a one-time password to verify they are the owner of the Google account.

The Create Password node in context
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