ForgeRock Identity Platform 7.3

Provision IDM Account node

Redirects users to an IDM instance to provision an account.

This node and its related services, are deprecated.

For information about the legacy/deprecated social authentication node and module implementations, refer to Social authentication in the ForgeRock Access Management 7 Authentication and Single Sign-On Guide.

Ensure you have configured the details of the IDM instance in AM, by navigating to Configure > Global Services > IDM Provisioning.


Single outcome path.


Property Usage

Account Provider

Specifies the name of the class that implements the account provider.

Default: org.forgerock.openam.authentication.modules.common.mapping.DefaultAccountProvider


The following example uses this node to let users who have performed social authentication using Facebook provide a password and provision an account if they do not have a matching existing profile:

IDM account provisioning in context
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