AM 7.3.1

Attribute Collector node

Collects the values of attributes for use later in the flow; for example, to populate a new account during registration.

This functionality requires that you configure AM as part of a ForgeRock Identity Platform deployment.

This node supports three types of attributes:

To request a value, the attribute must be present in the IDM schema of the current identity object.

The node lets you configure whether the attributes are required to continue, and whether to validate them through IDM’s policy filter.

Use the node alone or within a Page node.


Single outcome path.


Property Usage

Attributes to Collect

A list of the attributes to collect, based on those in the IDM schema for the current identity object.

All Attributes Required

When enabled, all attributes collected in this node are required in order to continue.

Validate Input

When enabled, validate the content against any policies specified in the IDM schema for each collected attribute.

For more information, refer to Use policies to validate data in the IDM documentation.

If you enable this property, the collected attributes must be User Editable in IDM. To make an attribute user-editable in the IDM admin UI:

  1. Go to Configure > Managed Objects > object-name.

  2. Click the pencil () icon then click Show advanced options.

  3. Select the User Editable toggle.

For details, refer to Property Configuration Properties in the IDM documentation.

Identity Attribute

The attribute used to identify the object in IDM.

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