IDM 7.5.0

Configure audit logging

The audit service publishes and logs information to one or more targets, including local data files, the repository, and remote systems.

Audit logs help you to record activity by account. With audit data, you can monitor logins, identify problems such as unresponsive devices, and collect information to comply with regulatory requirements.

The audit service logs information related to the following events:

  • System access

  • System activity

  • Authentication operations

  • Configuration changes

  • Reconciliations

  • Synchronizations

You can customize what is logged for each event type. Auditing provides the data for all relevant reports, including those related to orphan accounts.

When you first start IDM, an audit log file for each configured audit event topic is created in the /path/to/openidm/audit directory. Until there is a relevant event, these files will be empty.

When IDM sends data to these audit logs, you can query them over the REST interface.

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