IDM 7.5.0

Uninstall the Active Directory password synchronization plugin

You can uninstall the Active Directory Password Synchronization plugin from multiple locations:

  • Uninstall from the Windows Control Panel (Control Panel > Programs and Features, select OpenIDM Password Sync from the list and select Uninstall).

  • Run the uninstaller (unins000.exe ) found in the OpenIDM Password Sync install directory (by default, C:\Program Files\OpenIDM Password Sync).

After the uninstaller finishes, Windows will prompt you to restart. Restart to complete the uninstall process.

Remove installed authentication certificates

If you selected to authenticate with mutual SSL authentication, you can manually remove the IDM certificates using the Microsoft Management Console:

  1. Click the Start Menu, type mmc, and click mmc Run Command.

  2. For each of the following nodes, expand the node, and delete the certificate.

    List of Nodes

    Certificates - Current User > Personal

    Certificates - Current User > Trusted Root Certification Authorities

    Certificates - Service > OpenIDM Password Sync\Personal

    Certificates - Service > OpenIDM Password Sync\Trusted Root Certification Authorities

    Certificates > Local Computer > Personal

    Certificates > Local Computer > Trusted Root Certification Authorities

  3. If the OpenIDM Password Sync Service is still listed with stored certificates:

    1. Select File > Add/Remove Snap-in.

    2. From the Selected snap-ins area, select Certificates - OpenIDM Password Sync, and click Remove.

    3. Click OK.

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