IDM 7.5.0

Password synchronization plugins

Password synchronization ensures uniform password changes across the resources that store the password. After password synchronization, a user can authenticate with the same password on each resource. No centralized directory or authentication server is required for performing authentication. Password synchronization reduces the number of passwords users need to remember, so they can use fewer, stronger passwords.

IDM can propagate passwords to the resources that store a user’s password. In addition, you can download plugins from the ForgeRock BackStage download site to intercept and synchronize passwords that are changed natively in ForgeRock Directory Services (DS) and Active Directory.

If you use these plugins to synchronize passwords, set up password policy enforcement on the LDAP resource, rather than on IDM. Alternatively, ensure that all password policies that are enforced are identical to prevent password updates on one resource from being rejected by IDM or by another resource.

The password synchronization plugin intercepts password changes on the LDAP resource before the passwords are stored in encrypted form. The plugin then sends the intercepted password value to IDM, using an HTTP POST request to patch the corresponding managed user object.

The plugins do not use the LDAP connector to transmit passwords, but send a generic HTTP POST request with a patch action.

If the IDM instance is unavailable when a password is changed in either DS or Active Directory, the respective password plugin intercepts the change, encrypts the password, and stores the encrypted password in a JSON file. The plugin then checks whether the IDM instance is available, at a predefined interval. When IDM becomes available, the plugin performs a PATCH on the managed user record, to replace the password with the encrypted password stored in the JSON file.

To be able to synchronize passwords, both password synchronization plugins require that the corresponding managed user object exist in the IDM repository.

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