IDM 7.5.0

Configuration for the sample stage

To create a configuration for this stage, examine the configuration class ( Three configuration properties must be specified in the corresponding configuration file:

  • class

    For the default IDM self-service stages, you specify the stage name in the configuration, in the format "name" : "stage-name". For example:

    "name" : "captcha"

    For custom stages, you must specify the stage configuration class, in the format "class" : "stage_config_classname". For example:

    "class" : "org.forgerock.selfservice.custom.MathProblemStageConfig"
  • leftValue

  • rightValue

The configuration for this stage will therefore look something like the following:

    "class" : "org.forgerock.selfservice.custom.MathProblemStageConfig",
    "leftValue" : int,
    "rightValue" : int

When you write a custom stage, the equals and hashCode methods must be overridden to include local class members.

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