IDM 7.5.0

Reconcile data stores

A central feature of IDM is reconciliation — comparing the contents of two data stores and deciding what to do, depending on the differences.

This scenario is based on two data files:

  • hr.csv , which represents the Human Resources data store

  • engineering.csv , which represents the Engineering data store

Reconciliation modifies the Engineering data store by adding the newly hired Jane Sanchez. As suggested by the following illustration, it will also address detailed differences between Jane’s Human Resources account and the Engineering data store.

Reconciliation can manage different categories of data.
Figure 1. Data Stores Can Have Different Categories of Data

This sample includes configuration files that map detailed information from the Human Resources data store to the Engineering data store. For example, the configuration maps the firstName entry in Human Resources to the firstname entry in Engineering.

Mapping between data stores may require additional configuration. You should find two provisioner.openicf-*.json files in the /path/to/openidm/samples/getting-started/conf subdirectory. The provisioner files configure connections to external resources, such as Active Directory, ForgeRock Directory Services (DS) or even the engineering.csv and hr.csv files used in this guide. For more information, refer to Connector reference overview.

In the admin UI, you can review how the different categories are reconciled for user Jane Sanchez. Log in to the admin UI at https://localhost:8443/admin. The default username is openidm-admin and default password is openidm-admin.

Click Configure > Mappings > HumanResources_Engineering > Edit.

In the Sample source preview text box, enter Sanchez. A selectable drop-down entry for Jane Sanchez should display. When you select Jane Sanchez’s entry, two tables of attributes should display. One table displays how the data is modeled in the source data store. The other table displays how the data is modeled in the target data store. Refer to the following screenshot for an example:

Reconciling accounts from different data stores.
Figure 2. Reconciling Differences for an Account

Scroll back up the same page. Click Reconcile.

When you reconcile the two data stores, IDM makes the change to the Engineering data store.

The mapping for this example is configured in the sync.json file, in the /path/to/openidm/samples/getting-started/conf directory.

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