IDM 7.5.0

Fixed issues

The following important bugs were fixed in this release:

  • OPENIDM-18484: apiVersion config uses onPrem resource paths for idcloud

  • OPENIDM-18820: Prefetch links query should be paged

  • OPENIDM-19130: fr-idm-secondid is not being picked up during migration from

  • OPENIDM-19272: Failure to cleanup orphaned recon progress state can cause the RepoReconProgressStatePersistence class to not initialize

  • OPENIDM-19405: Special characters (non-ascii) inside of emails being sent from IDM/Identity Cloud fail

  • OPENIDM-19411: Recovery of queued sync events at startup does not use paged queries

  • OPENIDM-19427: Workforce JIT NAO reconById runs target phase

  • OPENIDM-19467: Transformation script compile error in one mapping breaks another mapping

  • OPENIDM-19498: Assignment Attribute encryption not handled correctly during provisioning

  • OPENIDM-19557: Data tab in csv sample sometimes malfunctioning

  • OPENIDM-19606: Microsoft social provider authentication failed

  • OPENIDM-19646: Prevent modification of relationships for non-managed objects, specified in a request’s resource path.

  • OPENIDM-19647: Highlander theme showing wrong logo on sign in page preview

  • OPENIDM-19659: Relationships selected as 'required' do not persist as required.

  • OPENIDM-19666: Admin UI should not inject domain configuration property within Connector config for GoogleApps/Salesforce

  • OPENIDM-19675: NPE when reversePropertyName changes and resource collection is new

  • OPENIDM-19676: Schema id is not updated after a change to the reverse property name

  • OPENIDM-19681: A read to schema which ends with "properties" should receive a BadRequest Exception

  • OPENIDM-19690: Account for role override assignments

  • OPENIDM-19710: 2024 - Incorrect copyright years in admin UI - 2010-2024

  • OPENIDM-19755: GoogleApps Connector: update sample to reflect replacement of SECONDARY_EMAIL by SECONDARY_EMAILS

  • OPENIDM-19874: Feature endpoint doesn’t reflect password/timestamps installed

  • OPENIDM-19879: Query additional recon source/target pages whenever a paging cookie is returned irrespective of whether paging is enabled

  • OPENIDM-19920: Add the WebEx Connector to the CDK and IDC Docker images

  • OPENIDM-19941: Server Error when retrieving relationships of an object with delegated privileges

ICF/Connector fixes

For a current list fixes in the latest version of the ICF connectors, refer to the ICF documentation.
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