IDM 7.5.0

Email for forgotten username

To configure emails for forgotten username functionality, you can add the following code block to the selfservice-username.json file:

    "name" : "emailUsername",
    "emailServiceUrl" : "external/email",
    "emailServiceParameters" : {
        "waitForCompletion" : false
    "from" : "",
    "mimeType" : "text/html",
    "subjectTranslations" : {
        "en" : "Account Information - username"
    "messageTranslations" : {
        "en" : "<h3>Username is:</h3><br />%username%"
    "usernameToken" : "%username%"

As suggested by the code block, it includes default email messages in English (en), with a usernameToken that includes the actual username in the message.

As noted in Username retrieval, you can make these changes over the following endpoint URI: /openidm/config/selfservice/username

If desired, you can also configure forgotten username retrieval emails through the admin UI. Select Configure > Forgotten Username, and click the button. The Configure Email Username window displays.

When you use the admin UI to customize forgotten username retrieval emails, you can review the changes in the selfservice-username.json file.

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