IDM 7.5.0

Workflow definition comparison

Versions of IDM prior to 7.0 used the Activiti workflow engine. If you are upgrading from one of these versions, your current workflow definitions will continue to work in compatibility mode, but new definitions must be written for the new engine, Flowable. The following overview shows the main differences between the old and new workflow definitions:

You can view additional upgrade information in the Flowable Migration Guide.

  1. Change all occurrences of activiti to flowable. Update examples:

    • Namespace

    • Elements

      <flowable:formProperty id="givenName" name="First Name" type="string" required="true"></flowable:formProperty>
      <flowable:formProperty id="sn" name="Last Name" type="string" required="true"></flowable:formProperty>
      <flowable:formProperty id="department" name="Department" type="string"></flowable:formProperty>
  2. Change task.getExecution(), per the changes to the sample file contractorOnboarding.bpmn20.xml:

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