IDM 7.5.0

Third-Party software

ForgeRock provides support for using the following third-party software when logging ForgeRock Common Audit events:

Software Version

Java Message Service (JMS)

2.0 API

MySQL JDBC Driver Connector/J

8 (at least 8.0.19)

Do not use Connector/J versions 8.0.23 through 8.0.25. Why?


8.0 (at least 8.0.2)

Elasticsearch and Splunk have native or third-party tools to collect, transform, and route logs. Examples include Logstash and Fluentd.

ForgeRock recommends that you consider these alternatives. These tools have advanced, specialized features focused on getting log data into the target system. They decouple the solution from the ForgeRock Identity Platform systems and version, and provide inherent persistence and reliability. You can configure the tools to avoid losing audit messages if a ForgeRock Identity Platform service goes offline, or delivery issues occur.

These tools can work with ForgeRock Common Audit logging:

  • Configure the server to log messages to standard output, and route from there.

  • Configure the server to log to files, and use log collection and routing for the log files.

Although ForgeRock does not provide support for these tools, you can any use of the following third-party software to monitor ForgeRock servers:

Software Version


7 (at least 7.4.3)





For Hardware Security Module (HSM) support, ForgeRock software requires a client library that conforms to the PKCS#11 standard v2.20 or later.

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