IDM 7.5.0

Schedules and daylight savings time

The scheduler service supports Quartz cron triggers and simple triggers. Cron triggers schedule jobs to fire at specific times with respect to a calendar (rather than every N milliseconds). This scheduling can cause issues when clocks change for daylight savings time (DST) if the trigger time falls around the clock change time in your specific time zone.

Depending on the trigger schedule, and on the daylight event, the trigger might be skipped or might appear not to fire for a short period. This interruption can be particularly problematic for liveSync where schedules execute continuously. In this case, the time change (for example, from 02:00 back to 01:00) causes an hour break between each liveSync execution.

To prevent DST from having an impact on your schedules, use simple triggers instead of cron triggers.

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