IDM 7.5.0

Character encoding in authentication headers

You can use encoded characters in all three IDM authentication headers (X-OpenIDM-Username, X-OpenIDM-Password, and X-OpenIDM-Reauth-Password). This lets you use non-ASCII characters in these header values. The RFC 5987-encoding is automatically detected and decoded when present. The following character sets are supported:

  • UTF-8

  • ISO 8859-1

The following command shows a request for a user (openidm-admin) whose password is Passw£rd123. The Unicode £ sign (U+00A3) is encoded into the octet sequence C2 A3 using UTF-8 character encoding, then percent-encoded:

curl \
--header "X-OpenIDM-Username: openidm-admin" \
--header "X-OpenIDM-Password: UTF-8''Passw%C2%A3rd123" \
--header "Accept-API-Version: resource=1.0" \
--cacert ca-cert.pem \
--request GET \
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