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Enterprise Connect Passwordless overview

ForgeRock® Enterprise Connect Passwordless is an add-on capability available for purchase for ForgeRock Identity Cloud and self-managed versions of ForgeRock Access Management. Contact your ForgeRock representative for more details on how this capability can enhance your organization’s security posture.

For more information on concepts and high-level information, refer to passwordless overview.

ForgeRock® Enterprise Connect Passwordless enables your organization to move towards passwordless in a conscious, phased-approach.

Enterprise Connect Passwordless is developed through ForgeRock’s strategic partnership with Secret Double Octopus (SDO).

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When integrated into Identity Cloud/ForgeRock Identity Platform, it:

  • Protects the most commonly used and vulnerable organization resources such as servers, workstations, remote desktops, and VPNs.

  • Helps large enterprises proactively defend against cyber-attacks, and unauthorized access by providing a passwordless experience to legacy applications, systems and services.

This can be through one or a combination of the following:

  • Passwordless factor - Use a passwordless method, such as a push notification or a one-time passcode (OTP), as an additional authentication factor beyond a password. This is also referred to as a second-factor or multi-factor authentication.

  • Passwordless experience - Remove the password from the user experience and perform any password-based authentication securely in the background.

    For example, your legacy system may require passwords for authentication, or they cannot accommodate the new technologies/protocols a complete passwordless state needs. In this scenario, opting for the passwordless experience is what you need. Using Enterprise Connect Passwordless’s passwordless experience, the passwords rotate securely in the background, without the user needing to know their password. This improves the user experience while increasing the overall security of your organization and allows you to continue on the journey of passwordless using Enterprise Connect Passwordless.

  • Complete passwordless - Eliminate the need for passwords completely by authenticating users using passwordless factors or private-key cryptography.

Most organizations find themselves using a combination of all three authentication methods. Enterprise Connect Passwordless gives you the tools to achieve passwordless every step of the way.

In many scenarios, this means using the passwordless experience for managed devices.

The following is a typical scenario of Enterprise Connect Passwordless, focusing on the passwordless experience.

ec pass flow
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