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Mac Workstation Authentication

Mac Workstation Authentication provides your organization with the capability to secure Mac workstations or servers with rich multi-factor authentication (MFA) using:

  • Push notifications through the ForgeRock Authenticator application.

  • OATH one-time passcodes (HOTP or TOTP) through the ForgeRock Authenticator application.

Benefits of Mac Workstation Authentication:

  • Provides the fastest and safest way to close the desktop security gap. The first desktop MFA solution to integrate fully with the ForgeRock directory and ForgeRock Authenticator application.

  • Offers unprecedented endpoint security using the familiar ForgeRock Authenticator application. The solution offers end users the best MFA experience while relieving IT teams from the expensive and cumbersome deployment of OTP tokens and security keys to protect workstations.

  • A plug-and-play solution that is easy to install on employee endpoints. No dedicated server is required, enabling fast deployment for the entire workforce. Your organization can now dramatically boost their domain security, improve user experience, and take the first step toward becoming fully passwordless in the future.

Mac Workstation Authentication installation/configuration checklist
  • Download and install the binaries from Backstage (you must be logged in).

  • Install the Mac client on end users machines.

  • (Optional). Onboard and enable local users on their Mac machine.

  • (Optional). Enable Offline OTP to allow users to login to their Mac when not connected to the internet.

  • Verify and test with a test user.

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