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Enterprise Connect Passwordless Windows Agent 3.8.4 is only compatible with Enterprise Connect Passwordless Server 5.4.8 or above.

Using older versions of Enterprise Connect Passwordless Server is not recommended and requires the selection of the Legacy Server Support checkbox in the MSIUpdater client.

Missing mandatory parameters list

If one or more mandatory settings are missing from the MSIUpdater client, a list of the missing settings now displays in a tooltip when hovering over the disabled Apply button.

Tooltip displaying mandatory settings missed by the user when configuring the MSIUpdater client.

User defined log file location

A new setting in the MSIUpdater client enables changing the default location of the log files to a user specified directory.

Hide BLE authentication option

When Octopus BLE is selected as an authenticator in the MSIUpdater client, you can now choose to show or hide this authentication mechanism in the Windows credential provider’s login method selection list.


Initial release of Enterprise Connect Passwordless Windows Agent that provides instructions on how to install and deploy the Enterprise Connect Passwordless Windows Agent (ECP Windows Agent).

For more information, refer to the ECP Windows Agent 3.8.2 guide.

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