Enterprise Connect

Known issues

Enterprise Connect Passwordless Mac Agent version 2.7.1 contains the following known issues, which will be fixed in coming versions:

  • Refresh User Profile does not work for Local users: This option, in the Security tab of the user details in the Management Console, does not work properly on the Mac. Clicking Refresh User Profile deletes the password history and the correct local password will not be successfully retrieved to the Mac. Mac users are advised not to use this option.

  • Jamf policy issues: In some cases when Jamf is installed on the Mac, Enterprise Connect Passwordless Mac Agent is unable to sync the password. Users may need to disable Jamf password policies in order to resolve this issue.

  • sudo for Bypass users: A password is currently required for users in Bypass mode to run sudo.

  • Password sync failure related to multiple user accounts: Passwords do not automatically update when there is switching between accounts. Users need to lock and unlock the machine to initiate the password sync.

  • Misleading Kerberos error message: When Kerberos does not connect to the server because of login failure, the message displayed to users mistakenly states that the Kerberos ticket is expired.

  • Automatic password sync: The automatic password sync feature works only on the latest MacOS (Sonoma). Users of previous MacOS versions will receive the sync password popup screen.

  • Password Free Experience: If authentication is rejected by the Server when enabling Enterprise Connect Passwordless, users receive confirmation that the process has succeeded, although they will be unable to login.

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