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Enterprise Connect Passwordless 5.4.8 provides features that enhance security and we recommended that you install the latest following agents versions for compatibility:

  • Enterprise Connect Passwordless Windows Agent 3.8.4

  • Enterprise Connect Passwordless Mac Agent 2.6.7

Workstation limit per user

You can now define a limit on the number of workstations an end user can authenticate from. Once the end user reaches the limit, authentication to other workstations fails. To accommodate users who need access to many workstations, the Override Workstation Limit setting in a user’s details (Security tab) enables you to specify a limit for each user.

DMZ delegation support

You can now Enable Authentication Servers in the DMZ to communicate directly with a server within the network.

Reporting authenticator plugin

You can enable a third-party authenticator to be the designated reporting authenticator. The third-party authenticator receives workstation authentication event logs so you can view the log reports in a third-party platform.

To enable third-party event reporting, you must specify the reporting authenticator in the Authentication tab of the directory settings.

Management Console minimum password length support

For on-prem deployments, you can now define the minimum number of characters required for local user passwords to access the management console. You specify the value in a new parameter in the configuration file.

Automatic password sync

A new setting enables users to authenticate using the mobile app even when the AD password has changed. When the agent detects a mismatch, the Octopus Authentication Server sends a password reset request, and the user must approve the authentication request to log in successfully. Enable this setting in the Management Console under corporate directory settings.


Initial release of Enterprise Connect Passwordless Servers that provides instructions on how to install the Authentication and Management Console servers and configure the Management Console.

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